The Waikanae Specilaist Medical Centre.

Emergency Clinic.

Travel Medicine, vaccinations and advice.

Occupational Health, including pre-employment medicals and drug and substance abuse testing.

Ear Health including Ear suctioning.

Wound clinic run by our specialist wound care Nurses.

Skin Checks and Mole Mapping.

Minor Surgery, excisions, mole removal and toenail resections.

Liquid Nitrogen for the treatment of skin cancers and warts.


Pain Management

Medicine Reconciliation service.


Specialist Services

Waikanae Specialist Medical Centre

The Specialist Medical Centre has a wide range of hospital specialists who hold clinics regularly from Wakefield Hospital, Southern Cross Hospital and Bowen Hospital, these include:

  • surgeons - general, orthopaedic, vascular, urology, colorectal, eye, ENT and plastic
  • physicians - general, rheumatology, dermatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, podiatry and endocrinology
  • gynaecologists.

To access these, see the table below, you may need to see your GP first, who can then arrange a referral letter.

Some appointments can be made through the Specialist Centre Receptionist on (04) 293.6644.  See the table below.

Waikanae Specialist Centre
Marae Lane
Waikanae  5036
New Zealand
Telephone    04 293.6644
Fax              04 293 5150
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday     8.30am to 5.30pm
Weekends & Public Holidays -  Closed


Appointments Phone:


Marcus Bisson

Plastic Surgeon

04 479 1501

Referral required for new patients.

  Rees Cameron


 04 920 0134

  Referral required for new patients.

  Courtenay Hearing


  04 385 9144

  Self referrals excepted.

  Delta Hurley


04 293 6644

  Self referrals accepted.

John Groom

Colorectal and General Surgeon

04 381 8110

Self referrals accepted.

Andrew Harrison


04 293 6644

Referral preferred, but not essential.

Andrew Kennedy-Smith


04 896 4510

Referral preferred, especially for Southern Cross patients.

Dynes McConnell


0800 888 151

Referral preferred, but not essential.

Dilip Naik

Vascular Surgeon

04 894 2803

Referral required.

Fred Philips


04 464 0050

Referral required.

Alex Popadich

General Surgeon and Endocrinologist

04 381 8120

Self referrals accepted.

  Jonathon Richards

  Orthopaedic & Spinal Surgeon

  04 464 0035

  Referral Required

  Anil Ranchord


  04 381 8115

  Referral required.

Tim Sander


04 293 6644

Self referrals accepted.

Keith Small


04 472 6124 x 3

Referral preferred, but not essential.

Gary Stone

General Surgeon

04 910 2178 x 2130

Referral required.

Bruce Taylor


04 293 6644

Self referrals accepted.

Graeme Webster

ENT Surgeon

04 381 8120

Referral preferred, but not essential.

Nigel Willis

Orthopaedic Surgeon

04 293 6644

Referral preferred for new patients.

The Visiting Specialists


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