Our Satellite Clinic at 43 Te Moana Road, Waikanae Beach

Newspaper Clipping 10-06-15

Whatever happened to the proposed new satellite Medical Centre at the Beach?

We advised in February 2015 our intention to build a satellite medical centre at Waikanae Beach, incorporating a pharmacy to dispense medicines and fill prescriptions. It seems a long time without much progress towards meeting our need for more space to satisfy increasing demand and provide easier access to so many of our patients.

In July we applied for resource consent for the new centre. The intended building at 325 square metres including the pharmacy is single storied, looks like a house and includes facilities for 3 doctors and a total staff of 9 (including pharmacy staff), operating within normal weekday business hours plus Saturday mornings. With 17 off-road parks at the rear, planting, fencing and modest non-lit signage the facility is designed to be in keeping with the neighbourhood. See below for drawings of the proposed building as presented to KCDC for resource consent.

Our consent application was notified to immediate neighbours who filed submissions expressing a range of concerns. This meant that despite the support of KCDC officers, which mirrored advice from our own independent advisors, a hearing was required. A hearing took place at the start of November before an independent Commissioner. All parties were given an equal opportunity to present their views.

The Commissioner took account of all the information, and early December he issued a comprehensive written decision that dismissed all of the objectors concerns and granted us consent.

Unfortunately 4 of the objectors have subsequently lodged an appeal to the Environment Court, and until that appeal is withdrawn or resolved, the project cannot proceed. If the objectors maintain their appeal, a resolution may take many months.

We are disappointed that the actions of a small number of objectors, who claim to be representative of the majority of Waikanae Beach residents, are preventing us from getting on with the project, particularly when so many of our Waikanae Beach patients have been asking for this new service. We remain hopeful that the consent will be confirmed on appeal, and will continue the costly process to defend the Commissioner's decision.

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Above - An artists impression of the new building.

Below - The existing building on-site when the property was purchased.

43 Te Moana Road
Observer 26-2-15

Our most exciting project for 2015 is the development of a second practice in Waikanae.

In February 2015 we took ownership of a double section at 43 Te Moana Road in Waikanae Beach, and started the process of turning it into a Health Centre for the Beach.

Watch this space to follow our progress through the planning and consent process, to construction and eventual opening for business.

A copy of our building plans with an artists impression of the completed site is on display in our waiting room.

We’d like to hear your comments.

April 5th The section is cleared ready for building to commence.

March 31st More progress on our Waikanae Beach Satellite Clinic development. The old eyesore of a bach is no more. The picture (right) March 30th of the demolition company's digger dealing the final blows. The section is now being readied for drainage, garden outlay, etc before the builders can start on the foundations. Full steam ahead now!

March 20th 2017  Some progress (finally!) we now have verbal consent for the building, engineering and storm-water, just waiting for the hard copy to arrive. So we're good to go from next week when the demolition of the house should happen, followed by the digger coming to do all the cut-n-fill work required. It will also mark out the planting area around the perimeter and the planting will also happen quite soon.

February 2017  Construction of the perimeter fence has begun, and the clearing of the section to make way for building to commence.

November 1st 2016  We are currently concentrating on the paperwork required to obtain building consent for the New Clinic.  We are expecting building to commence in early 2017.

August 31st 2016   We have been advised of the decision by the Environment Court regarding the satellite clinic at 4 Te Moana Road. Consent has been granted and work can now commence on getting the building consent underway.

The old house demolished
Section cleared
The ground work commences
Former dwelling on the section

April 18th Work begins on adding the services.

April 11th Making a start on the garden and drainage.

Digger at work
Services going in
Beach Site 23-08-17

August 23rd The walls are going up and soon the roof structure will be added

We are very excited to see the new clinic taking shape and hope to be using the building in 7 - 9 months time.

Building 14 Sept b
Building 14 Sept c
Building 14 Sept d

September 14th

The walls are all up and the roof will be added in a couple of weeks. The steps to the front entrance will be replaced by a ramp.  A covered porch is yet to be added.

New build 1
New Build 2
New Build 3

October 4th

The cladding is on, the roof is currently being added and the windows will be the next addition.

Beach build 1

October 13th

The roof is on and now it's time to decide on some of the internal fixtures and fittings. Exiting times!

Beach clinic 3
Beach Clinic 1
building plan

Inside; the internal wall frames are in place, waiting for the plumbing and electrics to be added before the lining goes on.

Below left - looking from the reception area down the corridor. Consult rooms on the right. Nurse cubicles on the left.

Below right - Looking back the opposite way, towards the reception area.

The parking area
2 Beach December 2017
3 Beach December 2017

December 12th 2017

The new beach clinic is all closed in and the brickwork nearly finished. Meanwhile on the inside - the walls are being lined.

The car parking has been laid with curved edging defining the garden areas.



November 1st

The roof is on, the exterior is covered and soon the brick cladding will be added. It's looking a lot like the original picture!

Te Moana 1
Te Moana 2
Te Moana 4
Te Moana 5
Te Moana 6
Te Moana 3

February 13th 2018

The interior walls are plastered and ready for some colour. Lynne and Monika are assisting with assembling the shelving (right). Flooring, seating and office furniture are being chosen.

Meanwhile outside; the carpark is being formed and the garden edging is in place. The planting will take place in a few weeks.

We are aiming to open in April. (No specific date yet.)

(Photo left - Corridor outside Doctors’ consult rooms.  Photo below - Reception & waiting room.)

opened Monday 23rd April.  Phone 04 293 6005 for an appointment.

March 26th Beach 1
March 26th Beach 2
March 26th Beach 3

March 26th - exactly 4 weeks until opening day!

The ramp up to the front door is being constructed (left).

The gardens are being planted and mulched (below Right).

The exterior of the building and car park (rear of building).

We are very excited to be opening our doors on Monday 23rd April.

Two of our Doctors based at the beach clinic - Dr Anouk Balster who joined the team early in 2018 and Dr Ram Naidu who has been at Waikanae Health since early 2017.

Our other Doctors will still be based at our main health centre in Marae Lane, but will be available at the beach clinic to see patients half a day a week.

There will also be appointments with a Nurse available at the new beach clinic. 

Please ensure when booking your appointment you are sure which clinic your appointment will be at.

We welcome new enrolments at both of our locations. Click here to download an enrolment form. The completed form can be dropped at either of our health centres.

Initially our opening hours at the beach will be:

            Monday - Friday  8.30am - 5.30pm

We envisage extending these hours in the coming months to include evening clinics.

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