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Emergency Clinic

Travel Medicine, vaccinations and advice.

Occupational Health, including pre-employment medicals and drug and substance abuse testing.

Ear Health including Ear suctioning

Wound clinic run by our specialist wound care Nurses.

Skin Checks and Mole Mapping

Minor Surgery, excisions, mole removal and toenail resections

Liquid Nitrogen for the treatment of skin cancers and warts


Pain Management

Medicine Reconciliation service


Specialist Services

Information for Patients

Joining the Practice

When you join the practice it is important that we review your medical history and perform a medical examination in order to provide the best possible care for you. You will be invited to have an initial appointment with a nurse before seeing the doctor. We will request your notes from your previous doctor with your permission and you will be asked to sign a form for this.



For patients with mobile phones - we are now able to contact you by text for routine things such as reminders, immunisations etc. We need your consent to do this. Please advise our reception staff if you consent to be contacted by text.



Appointments are usually made for 15 or 20 minutes depending on the doctor. Please be considerate of other patients if you have several problems which may require more time than one appointment allows. You are welcome to book a double appointment if you think this is necessary, and this will carry an additional charge.

We try to ensure that you are able to see your regular doctor as this maintains continuity of care. It is therefore best if you telephone ahead to make an appointment. If there is a significant delay you may be offered an appointment with another doctor. Please tell the receptionist if your problem is urgent.

If you attend the centre during normal opening hours in an emergency or bring an injured or very ill person, the "Duty Doctor" will attend to you as soon as possible. You do not need an appointment.

If you have made an appointment which is no longer needed, please ring us at least 2 hours beforehand so that it can be made available for another patient. Failure to attend a booked appointment will result in a consultation charge.


After Hours

We provide an on-call service for acute illnesses and accidents/emergencies outside of normal surgery hours. At night, over the weekend and on public holidays our emergency telephone number is 293 6002. Calls are answered by a nurse who will take details and will up to 10pm, offer advice or contact the doctor on call to see you. Occasionally the nurse will arrange for an ambulance to attend as well as contacting the doctor. Between 10pm and 8am, you may be directed to Kenepuru A&M facility in Porirua.


Home Visits

If you need a doctor to call at your home, please phone early in the day if possible.


Laboratory Results

Only those Laboratory results requiring follow up will be notified.  If, after 2 weeks, you have not been notified, but you do have concerns, please contact our Telephone Nurse between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


Dealing with Difficulties

If there is a problem about the way you have been treated, or if you are unhappy with any of the services provided, you need to tell us as soon as possible. Please contact the doctor in question, the Business Manager or outline your concerns in a letter to the practice. You can be assured that problems will be tackled and any complaints dealt with promptly. You also have the right to use independent procedures. These are outlined in a pamphlet from the Health and Disability Commissioner available at the Centre or access the Health & Disability Advocacy website.


Family Medicine Training Programme Doctors

Our practice is approved by the Royal N.Z. College of GP's as a training practice. A trainee GP or "GP Registrar" is a fully qualified doctor with at least 2 years of hospital experience who is undertaking the General Practice Vocational Training Programme. He/she would spend 5 months in our practice learning more about this area of medicine. You may be asked if you would be happy to see the registrar when requesting an appointment.

Fourth and final year medical students from the University of Otago will occasionally have a placement at Waikanae Health. View our partnership certificate 2018.


Hospitals & Outpatient Appointments

We work together with the Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB), Midcentral Health, and private specialists to ensure the best health care for our patients. To check on hospital appointment and surgery waiting times check the Healthpoint website. For Rest Home availability see the  Eldernet website


Health Checks

We would like to recommend to you our well-person health checks. These are designed to look at inherited, lifestyle and other personal health risks, so that measures can be taken to reduce these in the future. They are particularly aimed at those between the ages of 30 and 70 years who rarely need to see a doctor.

The health check includes filling out a questionnaire, seeing your practice nurse, having tests done and following up with your doctor.

If you would like to have a well person check, please phone the reception desk to arrange a time.


Our schedule of fees is on display at reception. All fees are GST inclusive. You can pay by EFTPOS, cheque, cash or credit card. Payment is expected at the time of consultation, but if we have to send an account, an extra charge may be added to cover administration and postage. Should you have difficulty paying fees or settling an account, please discuss this with your doctor or the Practice Manager.

There is a reduced fee structure for a wide range of consultations, including subsidised consultations,  ACC consultations. Please enquire.

Additional charges are made for after hours consultations, home visits and call outs, as well as for all materials used and procedures such as ECG, spirometry, minor surgery etc.

Work and Income New Zealand can assist those with financial difficulties. For more information check the Work and Income NZ website to find out about eligibility.


Updating your details

Please let us know promptly when you move house or change your contact details, including cell phone numbers. From time to time we need to initiate contact with you and up-to-date information is important.


New Patient Enrolments

We are accepting new patients from Waikanae and the nearby area, Enrolment forms are available from our Reception Desk or download them here. Please ensure your completed enrolment form and accompanying proof of identity are returned to the Health Centre at least 48 hours before your appointment to ensure we can complete the enrolment process.


Understanding the PHO Enrolment Terminology

PHO – The Primary Health Organisation who manages the funding for General Practices on behalf of the Government and the Ministry of Health. Our PHO is Compass Health, and they are based in Wellington.

Registered Patient – A patient who is part of our regular patient group whose medical records are held by us and to whom we send reminders when immunisations fall due or monitoring procedures need to be repeated (eg cervical smears, mammograms, PSA or INR blood tests). You can be a registered patient without being an enrolled patient.

Enrolled Patient – A registered patient who has completed a valid PHO Enrolment form and meets the criteria to be eligible for Government funding through the PHO. If a patient does not meet the criteria they can remain a registered patient but will not be eligible for Government funding towards their medical costs.

Funded Patient – A patient whose completed PHO Enrolment form has been submitted and accepted by the PHO and whose funding has been received by the Practice.

Casual Patient – A patient who visits the Health Centre for medical care on a one off or short-term basis (eg a person who is in the area on holiday). We do not apply for PHO funding towards the medical costs of Casual Patients, although some subsidies are still claimable to assist with the cost for eligible patients, and those that hold a current Community Services Card. We do not recall Casual Patients for routine screening or monitoring procedures.


The Principles of Enrolment

Patient enrolment is crucial to the Government's Primary Health Care Strategy. Ensuring that patients obtain their health care from one general practice will undoubtedly help make their care more efficient and effective. It also reduces the cost to the patient. Continuity of care results in better health and we recommend and encourage all our eligible patients to enrol.


Some of the key points about Enrolment

Patients can only be enrolled with one general practice. If you choose to enrol with another general practice, you are automatically no longer enrolled with the previous practice.

The fact that you are enrolled with one general practice does not restrict you from consulting another doctor somewhere else, but you will be a casual (unfunded) patient at that practice unless you choose to enrol there.

If you have not been seen at our Health Centre for 3 years, you will be asked to sign a new PHO enrolment form which indicates you wish to remain enrolled with our practice. This will ensure the continuation of your funding.


The PHO Funding Cycle

The year is broken up into 4 quarters. Funding commences on the first day of each quarter; January, April, July and October. The data relating to new registrations is collected up by the PHO about 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the next funding round. (ie the middle of November, February, May and  August)

Read  more about enrolment and funding on the Compass Health Website


Leaving the Practice

If you leave the practice, please let us know so that we can cancel reminder notices and keep our records up to date. Your new doctor will request your notes from us once you have authorised this.

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