Consultations and Emergencies

We have a modern, well-equipped building with a range of treatment areas to deal with your accident or medical problem quickly and efficiently. An "Emergency Doctor" is available, with access to ECG, oxygen and defibrillator, to assess and treat acute problems - no prior appointment necessary.

We have 11 specific treatment areas (including resuscitation / trauma rooms, procedure room, plaster room and general treatment areas) as well as the original consulting rooms. We continue to offer services such as management of fractures (including plastering). Our visiting orthopaedic specialists provide fracture follow-up treatment from specialist consulting rooms in the Specialist Centre. Wellington Free Ambulance are stationed at the Health Centre to provide emergency services.



Xray services are available during the day in conjunction with Pacific Radiology. This service is especially for patients with possible fractures, as well as those who require chest xrays and plain films, who would otherwise need to travel to Paraparaumu. These films may be partly funded by ACC or the Community Radiology scheme.


Maternity Care

Our doctors do not act as Lead Maternity Carers (LMC's) but do provide early antenatal care and liaise with local midwives and obstetricians over ongoing care in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.


Ear Suction

For the removal of wax build up and foreign bodies in the ear canal. Our Nurses are fully trained to provide ear suction under microscope.



A full range of vaccinations is offered for children and adults. This includes routine childhood immunisations, tetanus boosters, flu injections and travel vaccinations.


Special Investigations

Electrocardiographs (ECG's), Spirometry (lung function testing) and audiometry are carried out by our nurses by appointment.


Surgical Procedures

Minor surgical procedures such as mole removal are performed at the Centre in the "minor operations" room. A double appointment is required. Liquid Nitrogen treatment is available for warts and other skin conditions during our normal operating hours.


Travel Medicine

Waikanae Health is now an authorized Yellow Fever vaccination centre. We can provide a full range of vaccinations on site plus travel advice.  Click here to read more about our Travel Clinics.


Insurance Medicals

Our Doctors perform Health/Medical  examinations for patients requiring this at the request of their Insurance Company. Click here  to read some important facts about Insurance Medicals.

Nurse Clinics

Our Practice Nurses have a wide range of skills including wound management, performing cervical smears, blood pressure checks, immunisations, testing hearing and ear suctioning. They are also able to provide free annual checks for diabetic patients funded through Compass Health, Wellington.



Aclasta is a partly subsidised, effective treatment for Osteoporosis which can be given every 18 months.  Waikanae Health has been the selected site for providing this service on the Kapiti Coast since 2010. Aclasta is administered intravenously as an infusion which takes about 15 minutes.  All of the drug enters the bloodstream and within 24 hours approximately 60% binds to bone, where it works. The remaining 40% is excreted in the urine. Some patients may experience mild flu-like symptoms for a day or two after the infusion. Studies have shown that it markedly reduces the risk of vertebral, hip and other fractures.

As with other osteoporosis treatments, patients must have appropriate screening before being given Aclasta to check renal function, calcium and vitamin D status in particular. If you are currently taking weekly oral medication for osteoporosis and wish to consider changing to Aclasta, talk to your doctor. We have developed a protocol which includes an initial GP appointment to check that all the criteria are met for Aclasta to be given safely, to organise blood tests and to provide a prescription for Aclasta and any necessary additional Vitamin D tablets. The infusion can then be arranged and will be carried out by one of our nurses.

For more information, including cost, make an appointment to see your doctor. 

We are happy to receive referrals from GPs at other practices and can provide the required documents on request.


LTC Programme

The LTC programme is a patient focused programme designed to assist patients to become more involved in the management of their own health.

LTC is focused on those who have long term conditions, eg diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma and other respiratory conditions.  The GP and the nurse work together to encourage and assist patients to take ownership of their health and well being.


Medicine Reconciliation Service

Medicine reconciliation is the process used to make sure we have the correct information about your medicines.  Changes to medications often happen, particularly after patients are discharged from hospital. We need to know what medicines you are taking to help us make decisions about your care and to prevent errors occurring. Waikanae Health now has a pharmacist working with us in the practice once a week. Hilary Krebs is a clinical pharmacist employed by Compass Health Primary Health Organisation who you can see to discuss your medicines and any changes that may have occurred.  There is no charge for this service.

The Waikanae Specialist Medical Centre

Emergency Clinic

Travel Medicine, vaccinations and advice.

Occupational Health, including pre-employment medicals and drug and substance abuse testing.

Ear Health including Ear suctioning.

Wound clinic run by our specialist wound care Nurses.

Skin Checks and Mole Mapping.

Minor Surgery, excisions, mole removal and toenail resections.

Travel Medicine, vaccinations and advice.

Liquid Nitrogen for the treatment of skin cancers and warts.


Pain Management

Medicine Reconciliation service.


Specialist Services

Services we provide

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