Comprehensive and Advanced Medical Services are available at Waikanae Health.  We offer local specialist level care services through our fully integrated medical and specialist centre.

The majority of our GPs are Vocationally Registered (Specialist level GPs) and the surgery is RNZCGP Cornerstone Accredited.

Happy in your Skin? Spot bothering you? Ears blocked with wax, trouble with hearing or chronic ear infections? Impaired Vision, cataracts or just needing glasses? Diabetes and Endocrinology issues? Occupational Health or and Safety Problem? Need an ESR Accredited drug and alcohol advisor, Drug screening in the Workplace? Allergy and Asthma? Pain control a problem? Joints making you miserable?


Skin Cancer and Minor Skin surgery:
Waikanae Health has a full range of skin diagnostic and treatment options. We have an on-site operating theatre where most minor surgery can be performed. Follow-up care is available every day, including after hours, locally and within our experienced team of doctors and nurses.
Most of our GPs have years of major and minor surgery experience, many are members of the Australasian Skin Cancer College or have had advanced skin cancer surgery experience. Our theatre nurses have decades of surgical experience between them.
Our experienced Specialist GP surgeons (Vocationally Registered) offer skin diagnostic services, surgery for skin blemishes and moles, precancerous and cancerous skin lesions, and also cauterisation, cryotherapy and ablation of skin lesions.
Our service also offers specialist Plastic Surgeon, General Surgery, Eye Surgery and Dermatology services on referral.
At present we have 3 Plastic surgeons, Mr Dave Glasson, Mr Jim Armstrong and Mr Marcus Bisson, and Dermatologist Dr Bruce Taylor available for complicated skin conditions. General Surgeons (Mr Groom, Mr Stone and Dr Popadich) can offer treatment of non-plastic general surgery e.g. haemorrhoids, hernias and of course, major surgery if required. (More advanced surgeries or those requiring general anaesthetic are performed at regional private hospitals)
Our experienced wound care team are happy to assist with after-care and management of surgical wounds.


Our Occupational Health Team can perform pre-employment and employee drug and substance testing. Post incident testing can be arranged promptly. We can also visit you in your workplace to assess and advise on occupational health and safety issues, and provide seasonal influenza vaccinations. Read more about our Occupation Health services.


In conjunction with Compass Health we have a Clinical Pharmacist working at Waikanae Health. The Clinical Pharmacist's role is to promote the correct and appropriate use of medicines and associated equipment which will maximise the effect of medicines, i.e., using the most effective treatment for each individual patient. The aim is also to minimise the risk of treatment-induced adverse events, i.e., monitoring the therapy course and the patient's compliance with therapy. This is a free service. Your Doctor may recommend an appointment with the Clinical Pharmacist.


Our Nurses run a special wound clinic 5 days a week for the follow up of injuries, ulcers, burns and surgery. They can remove stitches and staples following surgery, and monitor and treat skin injuries through the course of the healing process. The Nurses work in conjunction with our Doctors who oversee the work on the wound clinic.


Cryotherapy, often referred to as freezing off or dry ice treatment is done with liquid nitrogen. It is a fast, effective treatment to treat viral warts, sun damaged skin, skin tags and many benign cosmetic lesions. It is stored in a small thermos container with a nozzle and is applied by spraying the site. Often one treatment is all that is needed but sometimes it may need repeating after two weeks. The initial consultation should be with a Doctor to identify the type of blemish and the appropriate treatment.


Our GPs can perform minor surgery under local anaesthetic for biopsy or removal of skin lesions, toenail resections and steroid injections into a joint or tendon. The Procedure room, located in the Specialist Centre  is fully equipped with an electronic bed, new diathermy and improved surgical lighting.


Waikanae Health is now an authorized Yellow Fever vaccination centre. We can provide a full range of vaccinations on site.

Dr Andrew Edwards has completed the Diploma in Travel Medicine which included papers on Tropical Infectious Diseases, Wilderness Medicine and Travel Medicine. Andrew has considerable travel experience having worked or holidayed in eastern Turkey, Nepal, India, Thailand and East Africa including Rwanda and Tanzania.

One of our Nurses, Sara, has a Certificate in Travel Medicine and is experienced and well qualified to give advice on travel and vaccinations.

If you are planning an overseas trip, particularly if it involves visiting developing countries, then a pre-travel consultation is important to assess the risks and manage those risks appropriately. Sara can discuss with you vaccine-preventable diseases, insect-borne diseases, water and food-borne illnesses or safety and security.  Vaccinations are an important component, but there are other things to consider such as reducing the risk of travelers diarrhoea, respiratory infections, altitude sickness, jet lag and personal injury. For those with pre-existing medical conditions overseas travel can also present challenges for which there should be some planning.

Vaccinations need to administered a minimum of two weeks prior to departure, so book your appointment in plenty of time. Full payment is expected on the day of your travel consultation.

Click here to download out travel vaccine price list and information about viruses and diseases.

Click here to download the Pre-Travel Questionnaire.



Hearing affected? Just blocked with wax or is there another problem? Hearing screening services are available through our experienced audiology and occupational health nurses. We have highly trained ear care nurses and a Zeiss precision operating microscope for the safe removal of wax and debris from ear canals by suctioning, which is far safer than traditional syringing. Our GPs are experienced in managing most ear conditions, and Ear Nose and Throat specialist, Mr Graeme Webster, is available for consultation on complex ear problems. Courtenay Hearing perform diagnostic audiology on-site, and can assist with hearing aids.


We are able to assist with vision screening, management of common eye conditions and injuries. Waikanae Health has a split lamp available on site for diagnosis of eye problems. Two eye specialists are available for eye and eyelid surgical procedures. These procedures include some of the more cosmetic procedures such as blepharoplasty, and the management of blocked tear ducts.
Mr John Grylls, an experienced optometrist with great standing in the community, is regularly available for optometry assessment and driver eyesight assessment for NZTA purposes.


Several of our Vocationally registered GPs have had advanced endocrinology and diabetology training and experience, and are used to dealing with endocrinology problems. Our practice also includes diabetes nurses, who are experienced with diabetes education and initiating insulin therapy where needed. Visiting Endocrinologist Dr Richard Carroll is available for specialist opinion. We also have Tim Sander, a registered and accredited Podiatrist, who specialises in Diabetic foot care.


Our practice is fully equipped with emergency treatment, radiology and plaster cast facilities.
We are able to manage all medical emergencies, injuries and accidents. We have an urgent clinic with doctors trained in Advanced Cardiac and Trauma Life Support, accredited to the NZ Resuscitation Council, who are able to diagnose, manage and treat acute emergencies and injuries.
We can apply plaster casts where indicated, and follow up on fractures even if seen and initially managed elsewhere. Online access to Pacific Radiology’s PACS system enables us to see X Rays taken at their facilities anywhere in the region.
We have several orthopaedic specialists (Mr Nigel Willis and Mr Fred Phillips) and Rheumatologist, Prof Andrew Harrison to assist with joint problems, and podiatrist Tim Sander who can assist with biomechanical issues of the feet. Many of our GPs have an interest in pain management, and are happy to review and change analgesic regimes. Several of our GPs inject joints and in some cases also tendons.

Specialist Services


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