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Covid-19 Alert Level 2

How we are operating at Level 3 & 4:

  • Face masks are mandatory for patients and staff during Level 4 & Level 3 – please bring your own (if you have one available), or we will provide one upon arrival;
  • All appointments, where possible, will be telephone or video consultations. Only patients that physically need to see a doctor, nurse practitioner or nurse will be seen face-to-face. Face-to-face consultations will either take place in a cubicle in our Urgent Care Unit (if non-respiratory), or outside in our respiratory zone, if flu like/respiratory symptoms are evident;
  • Patients having existing pre-booked appointments at the time of a Level 4 & 3 lockdown, will be contacted to confirm whether the appointment will –
    • continue as a telephone or video consultation;
    • continue as a face-to-face (in-clinic) consultation; or
    • need to be rescheduled when level restrictions ease
  • Physical distancing is paramount in Levels 4 and 3 – this means that we need to stagger appointment times for face-to-face (in-clinic) appointments to minimise the number of people in the clinic at any time;
  • Every patient presenting to the clinic will be screened for flu like (respiratory) symptoms & illnesses before being brought in for treatment (this may include having your temperature taken). Our doors are operated by an intercom system to allow this to happen. If you have flu like symptoms you will be redirected to the back door of the clinic.
  • Answering ‘yes’ to screening around flu like (respiratory) symptoms does notmean you cannot come in. It just means we need to manage the best pathway and timing for you, so that we can minimise any risk factors. We ask that you are honest when answering our questions.

How we are operating at Level 2:

  • The use of face masks for patients is mandatory – please bring your own (if you have one available) or we will provide one upon arrival if you do not have one. 
  • We are mandated by the Royal NZ College of GPs to undertake a 50/50 mix of telephone/video and in-clinic (face-to-face) consultations. Please do not be offended if we are unable to offer you an in-clinic appointment at this time.
  • Our Beach Clinic is a ‘green zone’ – this means we do not see patients who have flu like (respiratory) symptoms at this clinic – you will be redirected to our main clinic in Marae Lane to see a clinician there.
  • Our waiting rooms at the Marae Lane clinic are split into green & orange zones. You will be directed to the correct waiting area upon arrival;
  • All requests for appointments will be assessed for urgency – it is important we see those people who are the most unwell, versus those who just want to see a doctor;
  • We are required to still provide physical distancing in Level 2 – this means a reduction in availability for face-to-face (in-clinic) appointments as we need to continue to stagger appointment times to minimise the number of people in the clinic at any time;
  • Every patient and visitor to the clinic will continue to be screened for flu like (respiratory) symptoms & illnesses – for patients this is done at the time an appointment is booked, and again as you arrive (as your condition may have changed in between);
  • Answering ‘yes’ to screening around flu like (respiratory) symptoms does not mean you cannot come in – we do however need to manage the best pathway and timing for you, so that we can minimise any risk factors. We ask that you are honest when answering our questions.


How we are operating at Level 1:

Although there is no community spread of Covid-19, as a health centre we have been encouraged to:

  • Continue offering, where possible both telephone and video consultations – while many patients want to see their doctor ‘in the flesh’, if your symptoms can be managed without you coming into the clinic and being exposed, not just potentially to Covid-19 but other illnesses, this should remain the option for you.
  • Continue with physical distancing within the clinic – this means that we need to stagger appointment times for face-to-face (in-clinic) appointments to minimise the number of people in the clinic at any time;
  • Separate patients that have flu-like (respiratory) symptoms & illnesses from those that do not. We will continue to ask you questions when making in-clinic appointments – answering ‘yes’ does not mean you cannot come in. It just means we need to manage the best pathway and timing for you, so that we can minimise any risk factors. We ask that you are honest when answering our questions – we have already had situations where we have had to decontaminate consultation rooms, closing them down until Covid-19 results has come back.


If you are registered with Waikanae Health, have flu type symptoms and/or wish to be tested for COVID-19 call us on 04 2936005 and select option 1 to speak with one of our receptionists. They will get a nurse to call you back to firstly check you are ok, and then arrange a time slot for a test. If you are NOT registered with us please call Healthline on 0800 358 5453, they will help direct you to the swabbing clinic closest to you that have capacity to test.

Currently testing is FREE unless you require pre-travel clearance. Cost for pre-travel clearance is $250 for which we require prepayment.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Effective today 1 September 2021 all New Zealanders over the age of 12 years of age are eligible for booking and receiving a  Covid vaccination. Due to Level 3 lockdown social distancing requirements we need to social distance patients while they are on-site, so please help us to keep you safe by observing signs around the clinic, and please be kind to our team should there be delays – it has been distressing over the last week or so for our team to receive abuse by our community when booking or rebooking vaccine appointment times.

At this stage ALL vaccinations are being done from our Beach clinic – 43 Te Moana Road, Waikanae Beach (not our main clinic in Marae Lane), which is a dedicated vaccination site for the foreseeable future.

We are now vaccinating all age groups for those over 12 years of age.

Please note that for each vaccination, you will be required to stay on-site for 15 minutes to be observed for any reactions to the jab, so you will need to factor this into your booking time.

Our vaccination team are working 5 days per week (Mon-Fri), 6 hrs per day. We will from time to time run Saturday clinics as well. We ask for patience and understanding that we have a large patient base that needs to be vaccinated – you will be vaccinated, we are doing our very best to get this done as expediently as possible.

Parking at our beach clinic – we ask, to minimise parking space, that where possible you come for your jab with family/friends/neighbours.

There are 4 ways you can book –

  • MyIndici – if you are registered on MyIndici you can book your appt. NB: you can book an appt for someone who is not on MyIndici (as long as they are one of our patients), so if you have a spouse, family member or neighbour that you are wanting to book for, you can do so.
  • BookMyVaccine – click here to book
  • Website – click here to request a booking. Our team will confirm the day/time of the appt when it has been booked. You can request a booking for multiple people on the website, but you will need their DOB to do so. We will then work the bookings so they are at the same time, if possible.
  • Call – our team are available for taking calls for those people who do not have the confidence to book over the website, and are not on MyIndici. We ask that you keep these calls away from our peak call times and call after 2pm (NB: we have someone on our phones until 5.30pm each day)

Important note: We ask that if you are registered on our patient portal (MyIndici), or can use the BookMyVaccine site, or our website, please do so to book rather than calling, as this will unnecessarily limit our ability to answer calls for those requiring urgent medical care.

Supply of the vaccinate is not guaranteed! We expect that there may be delays in getting vaccines, we ask for your patience if we need to reschedule your appointment at any time – this is totally out of our control, responsibility sits with the Ministry of Health and CCDHB.

COVID-19 Vaccination
The COVID-19 vaccine is free, safe, and effective. Everyone in New Zealand aged 16 or older can get vaccinated before the end of 2021, regardless of residency or citizenship status.
Two doses of the vaccine, at least three weeks (maximum 6 weeks) apart, will protect you.

How the vaccine works
The vaccine works by teaching your immune system to recognize and fight off the virus. It doesn’t have the virus in it, or anything that can affect your DNA. The vaccine cannot give you the disease.

The vaccine is safe.
Medsafe is the Government organization that registers all medicines in New Zealand. They make sure it is safe to use by assessing all of the research and information from around the world. Medsafe has gone through this process with the COVID-19 vaccine, and they have approved it for New Zealand use.

How many vaccinations will I need and how long does it take?
As per the Prime Minister’s announcement on 12th August 2021, it is now recommenced that the 2nd dose of the vaccine be between 21 days (3 weeks) and 42 days (6 weeks). After the vaccine you will need to stay for 20 minutes to be monitored. Each appointment will take approximately 30-40 minutes, perhaps longer if there are queues.

Flu or COVID- 19 Vaccination first?
It is a good idea not to have the flu vaccination within 2 weeks of a COVID -19 vaccination, purely so we can monitor the side effects of both. If you are due for the COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine, having the COVID-19 vaccine takes priority over having the flu vaccine. If you do not know when you are going to be offered the COVID – 19 vaccine and have not been invited it makes sense to go ahead with the flu vaccination.

MyIndici is an easy, fast, and confidential way for you to keep in touch with us. Managing your health care online gives you the power to stay on top of your health anytime, anywhere.

MyIndici replaces the Manage My Health (MMH) portal. Please note that you can still login to MMH to access previous records, however you are now unable to connect with us using MMH.


With MyIndici, you can:


  • Book and cancel appointments with your GP
  • Check your recalls (what health services you are due for)

  • Order repeat prescriptions

  • Quickly view your test results, medical history, immunisation history, current medications list and allergies.

  • Send confidential, non-urgent messages to us.

  • Receive personal health information and internet links relating to your condition.

Register for MyIndici


If you wish to register, please fill in the details below. We will then contact you via text or email with your password and give you further instructions to follow.

Having trouble with MyIndici?

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