February 2021 Update

Our new telephone system

We have great news! Our new telephone system is up and running.

We know our phones have been causing a huge frustration for everyone, and we are truly sorry about this. We agree with you that should be able to contact us quickly. When we say we are experiencing high call volume we are not just trying to fob you off! The number of calls has skyrocketed to nearly 500 on most days

Our new system allows you to request a call back (should there be a queue of calls) so you don’t lose your place in the queue. This system is like the ones used by IRD and other government departments.

When you call us, you will hear the usual options to speak to a nurse or reception. Press the number you desire.

If it takes us longer than a few minutes to pick up your call, you will be given the option to request a call back. The system will ask if you would like to be called back from the number you are using, or you can specify another number. For example, if you ring from your landline but are planning on going out in the next hour or so, then please put your cell phone. It is important to specify the full phone number (including the area code – 04 for Waikanae, 06 for Otaki) you wish to be called back on.

By choosing to receive a call back, you will not lose your place in the queue. When your place comes up in the queue, you will be called and asked if you wish to progress or cancel the call. If you miss our call, we will retry three times before cancelling the call back.

We cannot make any promises as to how long it will take us to call back; this depends on how long the calls before you take.

Please remember our telephone nurse is available 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:30-5:00pm.

Other ways to contact us:

As an alternative for non-urgent matters, there are other ways you can request a callback –

  1. Use the ‘Arrange an appointment’, ‘Request a prescription’ or ‘Request a Callback’ buttons via our new website  OR
  2. If you are on MyIndici, send an email to

Our reception team – Go to Messaging, click on the compose button, select Practice Manager as provider and then Waikanae Health RECEPTION from the -Select Provider- box

Our nursing team – Go to Messaging, click on the compose button, select Nurse as provider and then Admin Nurse from the -Select Provider- box

Our accounts team – Go to Messaging, click on the compose button, select Practice Manager as provider and then Waikanae Health ACCOUNTS from the -Select Provider- box

Our teams will give you a call-back as soon as they can. However, we stress, do not use these methods for URGENT help!

Welcome to our new Doctors

Dr Eleana Earon

Dr Mark Conrad

We welcome 2 new Doctors to the team – Dr Eleana Earon and Dr Mark Conrad. We have been very vocal over the last 2 years with the challenge of searching for GP’s and are extremely fortunate to be securing these two doctors to our team. Both Eleana and Mark are currently being inducted into the practice, and will be open for appointments over the coming weeks. Click here to learn more about them.

Michelle Flaws – Nurse Practitioner

Dr Steffen Holmvard

In our last update we mentioned Dr Steffen and our Nurse Practitioner, Michelle. We thought we would put a face to the names. Click here to learn more about them.

You may be wondering what a Nurse Practitioner is. They are experienced nurses who have done further significant training and are able to diagnose and treat most health conditions – they can also prescribe, and are therefore extremely valuable in the general practice environment as they can do a lot of the work of a Doctor. Michelle has an extensive background in urgent and emergency care, and will be predominantly working in our Urgent Care Unit.