Covid Alert Level 2 Update

Covid-19 Alert Level 2 – an important update from Waikanae Health – please read

It is unfortunate, but not unexpected, that from midnight last evening we re-entered Alert Level 2.

Key things to remember are:

  • Current Alert Level 2 is from 11.59pm Sunday 14th February until 11.59pm Wednesday 17th February, UNLESS we are notified differently by the government
  • All booked appointments will continue until further notice
  • Physical distancing remains in the practice
  • Patients with cold/flu like symptoms may have a different care path – please do NOT go to the beach clinic for an appointment (or call in) if you have cold/flu like symptoms as this is our green zone

As we know there will be many of our community worried about getting tested, there will likely be a jump in phone call numbers. We have put more staff on the phones but ask you give consideration when calling us for non-urgent issues, and either hold off calling, or use another method of contact (eg request a call on our website or send us a message on MyIndici and we will call you back when we can).

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