Please note: there is a charge for ordering repeat prescriptions.

It is our preference that you use MyIndici to order your script. This allows faster processing of your prescription request, and as you can select the particular medications you are wanting, there is less room for errors.

If you would like to register for MyIndici, please click here.

Alternatively, please complete the form below and we will all you back to talk you through which medications you are wanting. Please ensure you know the names of your medications, or have your medication bottles/box handy so you can tell us exactly what you are wanting.

Repeat prescriptions ordered online must be picked up from a pharmacy and not from Waikanae Health. Please specify which pharmacy you would like your prescription sent to.

Urgent prescriptions (if you need the medications prior to 4 working days) will incur an additional $15 fee.

Repeat prescriptions for regular medications may be given at the doctors discretion where the patient’s condition is stable and if the patient has seen the doctor within a reasonable time.

It may be necessary for you to see the doctor before the script can be done – our team will discuss this with you when they call.

  • Please use the full names of the medication

MyIndici is an easy, fast, and confidential way for you to keep in touch with us. Managing your health care online gives you the power to stay on top of your health anytime, anywhere.

With MyIndici, you can:

  • Book and cancel appointments with your GP
  • Check your recalls (what health services you are due for)

  • Order repeat prescriptions

  • Quickly view your test results, medical history, immunisation history, current medications list and allergies.

  • Send confidential, non-urgent messages to us.

  • Receive personal health information and internet links relating to your condition.

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If you wish to register, please fill in the details below. We will then contact you via text or email with your password and give you further instructions to follow.

Having trouble with MyIndici?

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