We have visiting specialists & health providers who work out of our premises. Here is a list of our current providers and contact details.

Plastic Surgeon

Marcus Bisson
Next here: 25th May 2021
Schedule: last Tuesday every other month (all day)
Bookings: 04 479 1501


Rees Cameron
Next here:
9th Feb 2021
Schedule: second Tuesday every month (am)
Bookings: 04 381 8110


Molemap – Estelle
Next here:
8th Jan 2021
Schedule: first Friday every month (pm)
Bookings: Click here

Colorectal Surgeon

John Groom
Next here:
19th March 2021
Schedule: third Friday each month (pm)
Bookings: 04 381 8110


Andrew Harrison
Next here:
22nd Feb 2021
Schedule: second and fourth Monday each month
Bookings: 04 479 2019


Andrew Kennedy-Smith
Next here:
2nd Feb 2021
Schedule: first Tuesday each month (pm)
Bookings: 04 896 4510


Dynes McConnell
Next here:
19th Jan 2021
Schedule: third Tuesday each month (pm)
Bookings: 0800 888 151

Vascular Surgeon

Dilip Naik
Next here:
 27th Jan 2021
Schedule: fourth Wednesday each month (pm)
Bookings: 04 894 2803


Anil Ranchord
Next here:
 3rd Feb 2021
Schedule: first Wednesday each month (pm)
Bookings: 04 381 8115

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Fred Phillips
Next here:
 28th Jan 2021
Schedule: last Thursday each month
Bookings: 04 464 0050


Jonathon Richards
Next here:
 19th Jan 2021
Schedule: third Tuesday each month (pm)
Note: last clinic 20th April 2021
Bookings: 04 464 0035

Breast/General Endocrin Surgeon

Alex Popadich
Next here:
 27th Jan 2021
Schedule: second and fourth Wednesday each month (am)
Bookings: 04 381 8120

General Surgeon

Gary Stone
Next here:
 1st March 2021
Schedule: second and fourth Monday each month (pm)
Bookings: 04 910 2179

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  • Check your recalls (what health services you are due for)

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  • Send confidential, non-urgent messages to us.

  • Receive personal health information and internet links relating to your condition.

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